MEJC Statewide Summit

“Every two years, the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition holds its Statewide Summit to connect environmental justice communities, and bridge issue areas that are impacting our communities. In 2018, 250 people came together in Flint Michigan to discuss, air, water and racial justice, with an additional track for youth organizing. We hope to host the 2020 Summit “Claiming our Wins, Reclaiming Our Future” on the 30th Anniversary of the first EJ Summit hosted at the University of Michigan by Dr. Bunyan Bryant and Dr. Paul Mohai.”

On September 8, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition hosted its 3rd Environmental Justice Statewide Summit, bringing 250 EJ Activists to testify, visualize and strategize for a just and equitable future. We’ve been through a lot over the last 8 years, and, it’s not over. It’s time to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE. As a new Whitmer Administration took power in Jan. 2019, we sought to define what it means for all living beings to have clean and affordable access to water, air, land and make a way to take decisions about our own future in the critical times of climate change.

EJ Leaders proposed sessions that help 1) build a new narrative that makes us the heroes of our own future, and not the victims of bad policy 2) strategize to build bridges across urban and rural, across race and class, beyond borders and boundaries that have held us apart 3) collectively and strategically build power to achieve a broad vision for Environmental Justice for all!

We welcomed frontline communities, neighborhood groups, campaigns and coalitions, students and teachers, mamas with babies, elders and more to testify to social change for environmental justice.  Attendees hosted panels, info sessions, teach-ins, dialogue and talking circles, skillshares, and more. This event was totally hate free event, and all identities shall be respected and welcomed, Environmental Justice voices, including Indigenous, People of Color and other marginalized identities were centered.

The four tracks of the 2018 EJ Statewide Summit included:

  1. Water Justice: acting for clean, affordable and accessible water for all our relations
  2. Racial Justice: bringing intersectionality into the forefront, bringing our whole community here
  3. Youth Justice: make way for the youth, they lead today for a better tomorrow
  4. Energy Justice: building the way for energy democracy, leaving dirty energy behind

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